Leadership summer camp

Czech Rep. August 2024

Our teenagers are going to face a world full of challenges but the formal education system does not offer a complete answer to them. In a technological and hyperconnected world it will be necessary to develop critical thinking, communication resources and problem solving skills. With these objectives in mind we have defined our leadership program, using a participatory methodology where, through games, mental challenges, provocative debates, activities and sports, we propose the topics to be developed with the participants. To all this we add a complete program of adventure activities in nature: swimming, canoeing, orientation, project development of primitive technology...

Competences developed by participants:
  • Leadership skills

  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship

  • Critical Thinking

  • Project management

  • Planning and organising skills

  • Communication in English

  • Non-verbal communication

  • Problem solving skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Learning to learn

  • Interpersonal and social competences

  • Intercultural competences

  • Cultural awareness

The activity takes place on the banks of the Luznice River, in a quiet rural area of southern Bohemia, surrounded by forests, about 100 km from Prague.

After the Camp, the participants…
      • are more confident and convinced of their abilities

      • know better their strengths and weaknesses

      • are more able to adapt to and act in new situations

      • are more able to think and analyse information critically

      • are more able to reach decisions

      • are more interested in knowing what happens in the world daily

      • are more able to cooperate with people from other backgrounds and cultures

      • are more tolerant towards other persons' values and behaviour

      • are more open-minded and curious about new challenges

      • are more interested in international topics

      • are more aware of social and political concepts like government, justice, equality, citizenship, civil rights

      • are more able to discuss political and social topics seriously

      • realise that they now learn better or with more pleasure

      • are more receptive to Europe's multiculturalism

      • are more committed to work against discrimination, intolerance, xenophobia or racism

      • are more aware of the fact that some people in our society are disadvantaged

      • are more willing to express their opinions to the others and stand for them

      • are more willing to take action to change the things that do not work in their surroundings

Participants age 15 to 17.
Second half of August
Included: Accommodation, meals, transfers in the Czech Republic and insurance
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