The Idea

be the change

Everything started as a small challenge that step by step has become an educational project that each year is adding more elements. First there were language trips, then the inter-rail was added and seven summers ago we arrived in America... We have already visited more than 30 countries in Europe and America over the last 12 years. But the destinations are only a small part of the experience, the most important part of each trip are the objectives to be achieved and the activities to be developed.

We can organize the trip you imagine, both the previous logistics (development of the idea, reservations, hiring transport...) and the accompaniment of groups. Now we are a network connecting leaders from 8 countries around Europe, working together to gather international groups for developing the best trips.

The adventures we propose aims to place participants in situations in which they explore their abilities, practice languages, test their social skills, stimulate their imagination and exercise teamwork. We look for adventure in unexpected events, we experience and work spontaneity in encounters with unknown people and situations; we look for activities that activate us, that help us to know ourselves, that allow us to surpass ourselves, that bring us security and confidence.

The Polar Circle, Montreal, New York, Auschwitz, the Blue Coast, Vancouver, the Berlin Wall, Boston, Niagara Falls, Belgrade, Oslo, Washington, Romania, the Grand Canyon, Bulgaria, Greece, Monaco, Lithuania, Santa Monica... these have been some of the scenarios where we have been tested to date, where we have solved problems, where we have lived history, where we have met surprising characters and where we have known ourselves.

What we do
We organize trips and activities for children and teenagers from 9 years old: Cultural trips. Language trips abroad.  Adventure trips and activities.  Summer camps. Activities in nature. Training workshops and Courses. Sport Camps...

Some of our trips take us far and others very close (we only need the local bus or train), but we try to make them all unique experiences:
      • English in Ireland.
      • Inter-Rail around Europe.
      • Summer Camp in Canada.
      • Road trip crossing the United States.
      • Bicycle route through the desert in Fuerteventura.
      • Summer Camp in Czech Republic.
      • School trips in Europe.
      • Personalized adventures for small groups.
      • Language trips for children, young people or families.
The tribe
There is an African proverb that says it takes an entire tribe to educate a child. Our tribe is made up of all the families that participate in the Ice Forest projects, which we try to make it easier for our children to discover the world through travel.

When a project comes to mind, we propose it to the families around us, then they tell their friends and, if the idea is good enough, it becomes a great trip. These are not tourist trips, nor are they reckless adventures, they are experiences where the important thing is to overcome obstacles, to live together, to discover...

The tribe is open to all but is small because, in some cases, it is necessary to be a good student to be part of it and not everyone accepts the challenges involved. The ideas we propose are not simple to put into practice: open itineraries, limited budget, sleepless nights, minimum staff...

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English +34 601 011 680 Croatian +385 99 400 4877 Danish +45 502 99 592
Latvian +371 29 216 200 Greek +30 693 455 4923 Slovakian +421 905 854 938
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